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The great way to enhance any family gifting experience.

Mystery Present is the easy way to enhance any present by adding a touch of mystery to the gifting process. So how do we do it? You enter the name of the recipient along with four hiding locations like bedroom, bathroom etc. The locations have been converted to numbers along the formula - If A = 1 and Z=26.

The recipient has to decipher the location to find the four hidden clues which when combined, reveal the location of the actual present. For example the clues might read Inside Bedroom Under Printer.

After entering the locations and clues you print out the Mystery Present in full color. Cut out the cards and place them in CD box or square envelope. After printing out the sheets, hiding the clues, wrapping and hiding the present you are ready to experience your Mystery Present.

What's New

Now optimized for iPhone with improved printouts. Added free app evaluation system.